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    reviewed: Planet Porky


    They say they love listeners feedback, but clearly only if it's positive. Each show is getting more and more lazy and predictable. Lesley Ann gets praised for her books, she praises the publishers of her books, she lists the latest things that are happening to her books, etc etc. Then Parry rants about how pubs are the most important thing in the world. Then there's usually a bit of lazy gossiping that gets close to libel sometimes (eg Woody Allen's accusations treated as proven, Jamie Lee Curtis announced as being born an hermaphrodite, Kevin Keegan having something 'dodgy' happen in a layby, etc etc). Then there will be a banal Beatles story that only 'super fan' Porky won't have heard before. Then Porky will get a news story hopelessly confused, and yet they'll happily make judgements about it. Then Lesley Ann will name-drop some other music biz person, Porky will mention 'Mr Kenwright,' and that'll be that. They need to take a break, and give us a break.

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Member since: Feb 23, 2021

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