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    Rating:   2
    Boring and the wrong kind of creepy

    I was looking for something to binge-listen to after finishing Morbid the true-crime podcast, this came suggested to me on Spotify and honestly, I'm offended that this was recommended to me. I tried listening to about 5 different episodes, stopping about 5-10 min in each because they were so boring to listen to despite being interested in what the subject was. I kept switching thinking maybe I just don't like this particular episode but after a while, I gave up. Also the last one I listened to "Season 2 Halloween: The Poison Dress" (wow sounds spooky, love the idea), the narrator was this older guy trying to talk from the perspective of a teenage girl and it just got creepy and kinda gross to listen to an older man give this semi-sexualized perspective of a 16-year-old girl. I guess some people are not bothered by that, I am not one of them. Thankfully I discovered "My Favorite Murder" right after which I can't believe Spotify didn't recommend first.

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