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    reviewed: The Sinead Says Podcast

    Terrible podcast given by the most egocentric person in the world

    Honestly shocked by the amount of positive reviews given to this podcast - if it's true that people actually listen to Sinead's advice and feel inspired I am scared for society. Sinead tells people how to change the world with self acceptance - move over Gandhi and Mandela Sinead is here to make this planet a better place by ranting into a microphone for an hour on a regular basis. I particularly can't get over that people would listen to Sinead's relationship advice. Well done Sinead - you happened to get a boyfriend so of course you're suddenly qualified to tell young people to pay attention to their attachment style and love themselves in a relationship - let's see what the expert's advice is when they break up. Overall an excellent podcast to listen to if you want to understand absolutely nothing and learn about Sinead's fabulous egocentric achievements which include being sponsored to take a video of herself dancing in a tracksuit, living in a villa in the land of blogger egos Bali and inspiring people that can't think for themselves.

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Member since: Jan 6, 2022
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