ZBT #31: Pat McAfee and Jason Kander

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Apr 14, 20170m
ZBT #31: Pat McAfee and Jason Kander
Apr 14 '170m
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This week on Zero Blog Thirty, Connor and Chaps sit down in New York with plenty of interviews. First is Former NFL Pro Bowler and Barstool employee Pat McAfee for a "I Wanna Be Like You" and conversation about the recently rebranded Barstool 'Merica and patriotism. Then Afghanistan veteran and former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander joins the show to discuss how politics influence military strategy, Donald Trump's policies and style of military leadership, "commander's intent", the US dropping the largest sub-nuclear bomb in their arsenal this week, his organization "Let America Vote" and much, much more. The show ends with Badass of the Week honoring the fallen SSG Mark De Alencar and a surprise ZBT Theatre on Forrest Gump.

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