Episode 22 - Living In The Moment

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Apr 10, 201846m
Episode 22 - Living In The Moment
Apr 10 '1846m
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Welcome to Episode 22 of the Young Adulting Podcast. Hosted by Bria and Faith. Are you being present in your daily life? No? Well, same here. On this weeks' episode, we discuss what it means to live in the moment, what prevents people/us from living in the moment, and what we can do to be more present in everyday life. If you want to be featured in next months' #AskaYoungAdult, submit your questions via our Tumblr at YoungAdultingPod.tumblr.com Like what you hear? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Anchor.FM, Google Play and the Apple Podcast App for more content and updates. Music by XULY.

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