Fawlty Wraith

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Apr 10, 20201h 2m | se1 : e8
Fawlty Wraith
Apr 101h 2m | se1e8
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In the last episode before an initially unintended 3 year hiatus,  Chris and Joe talk about the 1970's British comedy series Fawlty Towers co-created by and starring Monty Python's John Cleese. Joe hand picked two of his favorite episodes for Chris to watch and they discuss the antics of Bed and Breakfast owner Basil Fawlty. They then look into the, could only be made in the 80's, Wraith. The film starring a young Charlie Sheen weaves a story of drag racing, murder and revenge. Also, weird places to go swimming. This episode is the first and show for only episode to have some production value with intro and ad music.  Will this just be a season finale or a series finale. Who is to say? I mean the movies for the next episode are already picked out. In the wise words of Joseph Gordon Levitt's foster brother in Angels In The Outfield, "It can happen"

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