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Our 7 Favorite 2 Feels
Aug 920m | se4e13
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On today's episode, Peter and Adam answer a SpeakPipe on some prime 2 feel examples. Wanna send a SpeakPipe of your own? Sign up for You'll Hear It Premium to access our SpeakPipe hotline! Go to for more info.

Our 7 Favorite 2 Feels

  1. Miles Davis - "It Could Happen to You"
  2. Oscar Peterson & Benny Green - "The More I See You"
  3. Sonny Rollins - "St. Thomas"
  4. Oscar Peterson - "Sandy's Blues"
  5. Hank Mobley - "Remember"
  6. Joe Henderson - "Johnny Come Lately"
  7. Brad Mehldau - "Solar"
  8. BONUS

You can listen to all of these on this handy Spotify playlist:

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