I Don't Do Clubs ft. Genese Jamilah

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May 7, 201953m
I Don't Do Clubs ft. Genese Jamilah
May 7 '1953m
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I Don't Do Clubs founder and friend Genese Jamilah joins me for this episode. IDDC's purpose is Black professionals who are looking for social experiences outside of the typical nightclub scene. It's dope! We talk about entrepreneurship and her hurdles as a Black woman in her field. Also, there's no intro, I thought we had one! We record these every week and I do intro's after the guest leave. Sometimes I'm on the run and producer Chris said we were good, but he was on the run, too. Either way- it's on me. I'm sorry y'all, MY BAD! Will try to make sure to have intro's for everything in the future. Humorously berate me online. Don't kill the messenger!!

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