Sep 26, 20183m
How To Do King Pigeon Pose
Sep 26 '183m
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a live tutorial if you find it challenging to follow, please visit my YouTube Channel to follow the Tutorial Video. YouTube Channel Hi friend, I wanted to share this tutorial helping you towards King Pigeon Pose. This is a beautiful hip, back, shoulder and chest opener! Please please make sure you are warm before attempting this as its much more profound than a pigeon itself. I use a strap to make it more accessible. This helps you work in stages without hurting or pushing the body to fast. Three benefits: Stimulates the organ body Opens up tight hips Helps aid flexibility within the spin (please read my blog before attempting this posture for precautions & benefits) In my blog post I have identified reasons and those who should not attempt or who should be extra careful within the pose, so please head over to my blog. I love sharing content with you, and if you're not subscribed, please do so you can get regular Thursday podcast. Namaste for now - keep in contact with us through: Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Tumbler -

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