Avoiding the "Mom Rut" in Fashion

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Apr 24, 201938m
Avoiding the "Mom Rut" in Fashion
Apr 2438m
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I was recently sorting through old pictures of me “pre-children” and noted how cute and put together I was back then. My hair was cut regularly, my clothes were fun and fashionable and I had a very respectable handbag collection that never contained random lego pieces or pink hair bows. Why did becoming a mother lead to abandoning my fashion sense and falling into the “mom rut” of mainly sporting Lululemon pants, a (mostly) clean top and my hair in a messy top knot?

In this episode of Yoga | Birth | Babies, I speak with fashionista, blogger/writer and founder of Stroller in the City, Brianne Manz. This fun and breezy conversation offers tips and ideas to find fashion within function and reembody your personal style in all stages of motherhood.

To connect with Brianne and learn more about Stroller In the City visit the show notes: prenatalyogacenter.com

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