19: A Story Of Survival With Sheree - Mentor, Educator & DV Survivor

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Apr 19, 20191h 2m | se1 : e19
19: A Story Of Survival With Sheree - Mentor, Educator & DV Survivor
Apr 191h 2m | se1e19
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CONTENT WARNING: This episode discusses the following topics; domestic violence, assault, sexual assault and suicide. For support please call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit https://www.1800respect.org.au/. Links to additional safety and support resources can be found on Sheree’s website here: https://www.iamsheree.com.au/contact-safety-resources.

This week’s episode is a very important one. Thanks to our amazing guest Sheree, this episode delves deep into domestic violence, discussing everything from the warning signs, to surviving afterwards and how prevalent DV is in Australian culture. Sharing her personal story, Sheree opens up about what it is really like to survive an abusive relationship. However, Sheree is not just a survivor but a mentor, public speaker, writer, volunteer, educator and now a business owner too. Running a multifaceted business, Sheree now works to better educate women of all ages about domestic violence. For more information on Sheree and her work visit https://www.iamsheree.com.au/.


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