Melburn Durts Indypac adventures across Australia

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Apr 9, 20180m
Melburn Durts Indypac adventures across Australia
Apr 9 '180m
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This week, Chris chats to Elise and Kate from Melburn Durt IndyPac Team about their Indian Pacific Wheel Race experiences alongside Liz, Stef and Tess, riding a combined 5500km across Australia, including tales of inspiration, exhaustion, trail angels, dotwatchers and taking on massive personal challenges. You can catch up with two previous Melburn Durt IPWR interviews here:  Post-Indian Pacific Wheelrace: Melburn Durt still going for a ride (12 February 2018)Talking to Melburn Durt: all women Indy Pac relay team (4 December 2017)For more Melbourne bicycle news and events, follow Yarra Bicycle Users Group on twitter, facebook and our public events calendar.

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