Extend the Upfield Bike Path campaign

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Mar 18, 20180m
Extend the Upfield Bike Path campaign
Mar 18 '180m
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Its a stunning autumn morning as the show kicks off. Val and Faith are joined in the studio by John Englart and we all share our bike moments. We cover some local and international news including the riders heading off to to make their own adventures on the Indian Pacific Wheel Race route, the Freestyle Cyclists's Stop Fining Healthy Transport rides held this past weekend and more. Talk turns to John's campaign, Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield, which he launched after discovering that work on the Camp Rd Level Crossing project in Campbellfield did not include provision for the extension of the Upfield Bike Path, contrary to the Transport Integration Act 2010. While the extension is sought after by both Moreland and Hume Councils and local residents, the state government is ignoring its own legislation in neglecting to build the path. You can find more about the project at the website and Facebook page. 

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