115 - Incredibles 2

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Jun 22, 20181h 5m | se4 : e115
115 - Incredibles 2
Jun 22 '181h 5m | se4e115
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After 14 years, The Incredibles are back in theatres! Chris and Mackenzie suit up (no capes!) to fly into Pixar’s latest superpowered film! How does Incredibles 2 compare to the original? Is it a sequel or the second half of a single movie? What does Mr. Incredible have in common with Breaking Bad’s Walter White? How awesome is Elastigirl? Seriously, she is awesome! Links Behind the Scenes of Incredibles 2 https://buff.ly/2tjct7p Incredibles 2 Soundtrack Behind the Scenes https://buff.ly/2thGzZ7 Incredibles 2 and an Inside Look at the Secret to Pixar’s Success https://buff.ly/2IbgY8M Syndrome Looks Like Brad Bird https://buff.ly/2JZgcBt Who Are the Incredibles 2 Wannabe Supers? https://buff.ly/2JYUXzS About Women in Animation https://buff.ly/2mBlLJC The New Pixar Short Film 'Bao' Marks an Important Step for Diversity https://buff.ly/2lgBifO

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