#144 Why You Hate Going to The Mechanic

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Mar 2, 20191h 0m
#144 Why You Hate Going to The Mechanic
Mar 2 '191h 0m
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Why You Hate Going to The Mechanic Tips for A Successful Experience You would rather clean a toilet or visit with a dentist before seeking out a mechanic to fix your ride. In fact, many of you delay service because of that "unknown" and anxiety. We break it down on the show, as Frank hits the local street corners to listen to what it is that truly gets you upset and big time frustrated. While we share what you had to say, we do our best to provide some common sense approaches and tips for a better automotive service experience. Also check out our new community segment where we highlight the goodworks happening in the community and amongst great mechanics, garage owners and folks from across the automotive industry. This week Ralph Guariglio stops by to highlight a pretty cool car show with the City of Chandler, Arizona, their public safety fair & Chandler car show.

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