#111 Robo Taxis

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Jun 11, 201846m
#111 Robo Taxis
Jun 11 '1846m
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Robo Taxi. The era of autonomous vehicle pick me up is coming sooner than you think. The ease and convenience of a simple click of an app and voila --a vehicle with no driver ready to take you to your next destination. Imagine the stress of driving and the related fatigue from focusing behind the wheel completely eliminated. How would you spend your new found discovery of time in a vehicle with a technological chauffeur keeping you safe and sound? ARE YOU WILLING TO TRADE CAR CULTURE WITH FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND TRANSPORTATION COMFORT ? Less than the fee of riding a bus, was the recent claim from a leading autonomous EXECUTIVE  --saving you on the exorbitant cost of vehicle ownership. Monthly subscription like a NETFLIX style account that makes it simple and less expensive. Would you trade the freedom of car culture and style with an extra budget immediately created from not owning a vehicle ? We investigate the TECHNOLOGY  of autonomous ride sharing program WAYMO, with special in studio guest James Smith, Economic Development Innovation Manager with one of the most technologically progressive autonomous vehicle cities in the country --The City of Chandler.  

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