71 Episodes | First Released: May 1 '17
Remember that movie you used to watch every day? The book you read before bed each night? The CD you listened to until it was too scratched to play? We'll go back in time to revisit our guests' favorite pop culture from childhood. Are they still good or is it just Wistful Thinking?
Oct 2 '18
Rating:   10
So Fun!

This podcast will definitely be a nostalgic treat for anyone who was a kid in the 90’s. The hosts do a great job of keeping the content interesting and entertaining and do not struggle with being over-scripted or scattered like some podcasts. Always look forward to each new episode to see what blast from the past will be represented- be it a tv show, book or film I know I’ll be in for a fun trip back to my childhood. Highly recommend!

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The Babysitters Club Club Club
Dec 29 '17
Rating:   8
Growing Pains Episode

I totally get that feeling of getting emotional when people sing together. Especially just normal ppl earnestly singing!!! Also this Growing Pains theme song was the ringtone for a guy I liked. LOL Please sing more!

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