Whormones Podcast Ep80- Poppers with Olivia Shepson

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Apr 22, 20171h 1m
Whormones Podcast Ep80- Poppers with Olivia Shepson
Apr 22 '171h 1m
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Today I sit down with baby comic, Olivia Shepson. We met at a show and I liked her deadpan style and jokes about dating, so I invited her on! Olivia grew up in Indiana and started doing comedy about a year ago in Montreal where she went to college. We chat about the dynamics of the comedy scene and how it can sometimes have that high school cool kids table kind of mentality. Olivia is shy, but curious as she tries to ask me how to get a guy to use a vibrator in bed without emasculating them. We also talk about our favorite drugs and why we like them. Olivia does not have any social media accounts or websites, yet (as I said, baby comic) but keep a look out for this wonderful young lady, you'll be seeing more of her! Have any questions or topics that you would like me to answer, or discuss? Send me an email at- whormonespodcast@gmail.com Find me on Facebook (http://facebook.com/whormonespodcast) DM me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/WhormonePodcast) Please subscribe and rate/review me on… iTunes: http://ow.ly/9rtD3024G6z Stitcher: http://ow.ly/P9RA3024GnP Spreaker: http://ow.ly/Npe63024Gi8 TuneIn: http://ow.ly/Eg3V3024GtO Soundcloud: http://ow.ly/CGnJ3024GuD Google Play: http://ow.ly/tZVk3024GGh Don’t forget you can also find me on our awesome network, The Misfits Podcast Network! About the Whormones Podcast Alia Janine is a stand-up comedian and psychology student with intimacy issues. Join Alia Janine and her guests as they take a stroll down memory lane to discuss childhood crushes, teenage lust, and the state of dating and love in a crazy modern world. Listen in as they try to figure out how and why they may have gone wrong, or right while debating psychological factors that shape us all.

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