21 Episodes | First Released: Sep 5 '12
Nov 24 '13
Rating:   10
Loved it

A fun podcast that is a little informal, funny, and entertaining. They do not claim to be experts on Who folklore or anything and just have fun talking about the episodes. Keep, keeping it real in Gallifrey guys!

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Feb 15 '13
Rating:   4

After hearing JRY on the Morning Stream and FSL I thought this would be the Doctor Who podcast, but instead the audio quality of this podcast is atrocious, JRY needs to bring it down a notch and it seems like he actually hates Doctor Who more than he likes it.

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Nov 2 '12
Rating:   2

I was really looking forward to this podcast when I first heard about it. It did not live up to my expectations though. I listened to the first five episodes in one afternoon hoping that they would eventually get better, but they just got worse. There didn't seem to be any planning or preparation that went in to the production of this podcast, All the hosts do is complain about every episode of Dr. Who and how episodes from past seasons were better (except last season, because they hated that one so much they refused to acknowledge its existence). I began to doubt if the hosts even liked Dr. Who at all. This show just didn't live up to my expectations for a great podcast, especially one in the Frogpants network.

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Oct 16 '12
Rating:   8

Great Doctor Who podcast. My only gripe is there skype connection, it really messes with the audio sometimes.

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