Introducing: Committed Season 2

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Apr 12, 20192m
Introducing: Committed Season 2
Apr 122m
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We’re back, baby! On April 11th, the Committed podcast is coming back for Season Two. Get ready to believe in love all over again as host Jo Piazza interviews couples navigating the good, the bad, the messy, the wonderful and sometimes the hilarious —-often all in the same story. As she did in season one, Piazza will cover an array of poignant and timely topics such as coping with a spouse stricken with a sudden illness, an engagement put in limbo because of immigration status, watching a husband transition to a new gender, processing the news that a newborn baby is diagnosed with a terminally ill disease, adjusting to marrying a famous person, coping with sex addiction, navigating marriage in a brothel and more.

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