Let’s Talk About Sex and PD - WPC2019 | 6

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Apr 17, 201928m
Let’s Talk About Sex and PD - WPC2019 | 6
Apr 17 '1928m
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In this episode I speak with Gila Bronner, founder and former Director of the Sex Therapy Service at Sheba Medical Center in Israel. She is also a sex therapist at the Movement Disorders Institute of the medical center. She tells me Neurologists, nurses, and other health professionals, in general, are not taught about sexual issues patients may have, where to refer them when issues arise, or how to talk to patients about it.

Bronner has proven there is an association between Parkinson’s and sexuality. In her research, Bronner discovered nearly three of every four people she studied with Parkinson’s had some sort of sexual problem. Aging and challenges from Parkinson’s both contribute to the issues, but people with Parkinson’s were still 30% to 50% more likely to have problems compared to people of the same age who did not have PD. Parkinson’s effects desire, arousal and the ability to orgasm. Bronner finds the issues are often significant enough that couples stop being intimate all together.

In Kyoto and in this episode of the podcast, she outlines the various sexual problems associated with Parkinson’s disease, various treatments, communication issues, and how to keep intimacy with your partner. 

Each episode of the WPC2019 Podcast, I’m going to check in with James Heron, the Executive Director of the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre to teach us a new word or phrase and help us better understand the culture so we can avoid embarrassing ourselves or offending our hosts. This episode, Heron explains how to introduce yourself. Hajimemashite Watashi wa Larry desu loosely translated means (It is a beginning) (Hi!) (I am) (Larry) (to be).

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