WDF Rem*: Turtle Bunbury is HERE!

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May 29, 201757m
WDF Rem*: Turtle Bunbury is HERE!
May 29 '1757m
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We here at WDF are so privileged and excited to be joined by Turtle Bunbury - one of Ireland's foremost freelance historians and genealogists. Turtle has a wealth of works and experience behind him working in the field of history, and the best place to find out more about him is www.turtlbunbury.com He can also be found on Twitter, @turtlebunbury In this conversation here we talk about everything, from where Turtle got his name, to his incredible family history, to his love for history, to his opinions on how it's being taught, to the importance of podcasting for history as a discipline. Turtle did us a great service by coming on here and talking things out, so make sure you all return the love and let him know how much you enjoyed hearing him on this podcast! Thankssss! Remember to support this podcast in any way you can - spread the word about Turtle and his appearance on our pod through BEFIT! Support us on Patreon www.patreon.com/WhenDiplomacyFails Visit our site www.wdfpodcast.com

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