WDF Rem*: Aziz - History of Westeros Collab Part 2

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Jun 20, 201745m
WDF Rem*: Aziz - History of Westeros Collab Part 2
Jun 20 '1745m
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We return with part two of the collab, where we talk about historical inspiration, turning your art into a profession, the importance of history to what Aziz does, to continue our theme of course, and whether a fan of fantasy a la Game of Thrones can be led into loving history, or maybe historical fiction as a kind of gateway drug, so to speak. All very interesting stuff, and I also get a bit real as I discuss what happened to me recently thanks to my own silly ambitions. Maybe you're not all that interested in my personal life - that is of course fine - but I hope you'll give the episode a listen anyways history friends! To those of you that are joining me again from the History of Westeros after our sneaky plug, you're very welcome! And I hope you will all let me know what you thought through the usual channels, remember guys it's simply a matter of http://www.historyofwesteros.com/

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