WDF 28.95: The Second Anglo-Dutch War XII

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Oct 17, 201641m
WDF 28.95: The Second Anglo-Dutch War XII
Oct 17 '1641m
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In our final episode on the Second Anglo Dutch War (12/12) we examine the critical final year of the conflict, which included a stunning display of Dutch tenacity, British poverty and French ambition. All in all, it sets us up for the next chapter in the era, as all involved already looked ahead to what would come next. Thanksssss, and I hope you enjoyed the war! Remember history friends, you can help this podcast and ensure that this is where history thrives! Support us by going to www.patreon.com/WhenDiplomacyFails Follow me on Twitter @wdfpodcast And visit our official website www.wdfpodcast.com

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