WDF 28.1: The Second Anglo-Dutch War II

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Aug 7, 201635m
WDF 28.1: The Second Anglo-Dutch War II
Aug 7 '1635m
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In this episode (2/12) we examine what brought young and hopeful Charles II to the moment of truth - standing across the Channel, poised for his return. What forces brought him here, and why did the British and Irish people collectively decide to bring their king back, after killing their last one (and his father) only a decade before. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you thought through the usual channels! Thankssss Remember history friends, you can help this podcast and ensure that this is where history thrives! Support us by going to www.patreon.com/WhenDiplomacyFails Follow me on Twitter @wdfpodcast And visit our official website www.wdfpodcast.com

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