Versailles Introduction Part 2/3

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Nov 12, 201825m
Versailles Introduction Part 2/3
Nov 12 '1825m
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We must set the structure and sources of this project in front of you before we jump right into it, and we should also clarify our aims before we go any further too. We have got a LOT of ground to get into over the next eight months, but I hope that you are ready to join me for this fascinating and illuminating journey, as we examine this era of our past like you've never seen it before.

Of course it is worth setting forth our aims: 1) create the most comprehensive, but also the most accessible, account of the Treaty of Versailles in audio form. 2) investigate whether the Treaty really was so bad, or whether some redeeming features exist within it. 3) ascertain how responsible, if at all, the Treaty was for all the vile catastrophes that followed it in the 20th century.


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