1916 - Episode 2: 'The Extremist Fringe'

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Apr 28, 201636m
1916 - Episode 2: 'The Extremist Fringe'
Apr 28 '1636m
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In this episode of 1916 we examine the important other pillar of Irish nationalists; the republican or Fenian elements. Expect a great deal of background info as we detail what the aims of these groups were and what drove them onwards. We will meet key characters and bring the story up to the level with #1 where the republicans and nationalists begin to cooperate for the sake of land reform, but Parnell's death creates an exclamation point which they must adapt to. MUSIC: Anna on flute playing 'Republican' (self-titled tune). Remember history friends, you can help this podcast and ensure that this is where history thrives! Support us by going to www.patreon.com/WhenDiplomacyFails Follow me on Twitter @wdfpodcast And visit our official website www.wdfpodcast.com

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