Episode 5: Ultimate Fidgets (w/ Jeff Rubin)

Episode of: What Should We Draw

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Mar 23, 201654m
Episode 5: Ultimate Fidgets (w/ Jeff Rubin)
Mar 23 '1654m
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Hey, can you guys keep a secret? How about roughly 200 of them? Okay, that’s good to hear, because this episode is crammed to the teeth with all sorts of high-level, black market secrets you just can’t get anywhere else. This week, Caldwell and Nathan are joined by the whisper master himself, Jeff Rubin (JeffRubinJeffRubinShow.com) for a conversation about fidgeting tactics, sexy electronics, and a deep dive into all the best items to order off every restaurant’s secret menu. TELL NO ONE but also PLEASE LEAVE AN ITUNES REVIEW OKAY THANK YOU BYE. To see this weeks’ finished drawing, visit WhatShouldWeDraw.com!

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