Feb 26, 201937m
Life of a Hairstylist with Jill Reed
Feb 2637m
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Welcome to episode 10, we hit double digits! Yay!

In this episode we interview local Corvallis stylist, Jill Reed, who co-owns Luminous Salon (a fellow Green Circle Salon, too!). Jill just hit 10 years of being in the beauty industry, and 5 years of owning her own salon alongside her 'beauty school bestie.' She's a hustling gal who, when she sets her mind on something, doesn't slow down until its achieved! During the interview we get some inside scoop on a project she's working on, of which will be completed by May of this summer. 

Listen in on this latest episode to find out what Raw Hair Society is, what motivates Jill after a decade of doing hair, and what some pro's and con's to working independently are.

To follow Jill on her latest endeavor head over to Instagram and search @Jill_lifeofahairstylist. Also mentioned in this podcast is Jamie Dana, hairstylist and co-founder of Ember Retreat, @jamiedanahairstylist.

As always, thanks for listening!

Xoxo, Mallory and Kayla

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