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Juniper Beauty with Paige Ragsdale
Apr 954m
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We apologize for our break, but we're BACK to our regularly scheduled podcasting!

On episode 11 of What's The Buzz? Life From Behind the Hive, we interview local salon owner and stylist, Paige Ragsdale! She owns a beautifully designed salon in downtown Corvallis, OR called Juniper Beauty. It's quaint, elegant, inviting, and full of talented boss babes who are killing the hair game. When Paige isn't busy making her own clients beautiful, she has recently been prepping and training for a bikini competition coming up in May. During this interview, we ask her how she balances salon life with personal life, what it was like transitioning from working independently to opening up her own place, as well as a discussion on her long battle with endometriosis. 

In this episode we discuss hair, business, fitness, and share a few laughs along the way. We hope you enjoy!

Xoxo, Mallory and Kayla

-You can find Paige on Instagram at @paigelynbeauty or @juniper.beauty

-As discussed in this episode: Dr. Nicholas Fogelson

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