Nintendo JoyCon Lawsuit - What's Good Games (Ep. 115)

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Jul 26, 20191h 34m
Nintendo JoyCon Lawsuit - What's Good Games (Ep. 115)
Jul 261h 34m
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This week the team chats about Nintendo new Joycon repair policy in the wake of a class-action lawsuit filed against them for Joycon drift issues. Plus they chat about EA's weird reveal of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3, GTA Online's controversial casino gambling, Media Molecule is on the hunt for game devs, and The Witcher gets a grunt worthy new trailer. In hands-on, Steimer talks about her time in LEGO Tower and Andrea couldn't be more excited! Britt chats about her return to literature with some news books, her quest for woohoo in the Sims 4, and a return to Divinity 2. 

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Segment One: News
:42 Welcome to the show!
13:23 Nintendo to repair Joy-Con drift issues for free
22:48 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3?
29:32 GTA V’s new shiny casino
43:33 Media Molecule wants to pay small teams for games in Dreams
46:54 We grunt over The Witcher 

Segment Two: Hands-On
52:47 Welcome back!
55:46 Lego Towers
1:14:35 Rat Queens
1:16:20 The Last Wish
1:19:18 The Sims 4
1:28:10 Divinity 2
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