135: WCW New Blood Rising 2000

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Aug 14, 20193h 7m | se3 : e135
135: WCW New Blood Rising 2000
Aug 143h 7m | se3e135
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WITHOUT QUESTION, WCW was a coffin on roller skates in 2000 and as one of the worst Pay Per Views ever, New Blood Rising hit maybe a low watermark.  Has there ever been a WCW event with so many matches rated as duds?  It was so bad that the mud wrestling match between Major Gunns and Ms. Hancock was probably one of the best matches on the card.  Not to be outdone, there was Judy Bagwell on a forklift, Evan Karagias and a whole slew of clusterf***s.  A sad time in WCW and a look back from your friends at What Happened When. See Tony and Conrad LIVE in Wayne, NJ on September 28th, 2019.  For tickets and information go to tonyandconradlive.com (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/whw-live-with-tony-schiavone-tickets-65475461869)   Support us on Patreon, get this show early and ad free, plus TONS of BONUScontent: http://patreon.com/WHWMonday  Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/WHWMonday    Check out all the new cool merchandise at BoxOfGimmicks.com (http://boxofgimmicks.com/)  Buy a shirt and Tony will call you (eventually!) at LoisRules.com (http://loisrules.com/)  Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/whw  Save thousands at SaveCade.com (http://savecade.com/)

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