Who Tells the Story of Our Future?

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Jan 16, 201942m
Who Tells the Story of Our Future?
Jan 16 '1942m
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Whose voices do we hear when it comes to stories of scientific breakthroughs and new technologies? Four podcasters of color talk about how to make science and tech podcasts are more inclusive for both creators and listeners. With Sam Riddell of Inner Hoe Uprising, Bridget Todd of Afropunk Sessions, Janina Jeff from In Those Genes, and Naima “Queen” Muhammad from Tea with Queen and J.

Hosted by Tanzina Vega, Werk It: The Podcast is the ICYMI version of the live event.  Both the festival and the podcast are produced by WNYC Studios and are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Event sponsors for Werk It 2018 include Spotify, Capterra, Stitcher, ART19, Pandora, Himalaya, and Yale School of Management.

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