Win or Learn - Why Accountability Matters with Hamish Knox

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Dec 20, 201845m
Win or Learn - Why Accountability Matters with Hamish Knox
Dec 20 '1845m
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Accountability is freedom. It should never be used as a stick. Instead it should be used to ensure you and your people win or learn. Certainly, there will be some instances where a failure to perform will result in termination of a salesperson or a partner, but Hamish Knox explains how and why an accountability culture increases clarity, encourages personal responsibility and drives predictable results.

Almost no one comes to work wanting to do a bad job. As a manager it is your job to find the best people and then help them perform at their best. Accountability takes the guesswork out of leadership and management and it gives focus and purpose to your people. It helps establish the ground rules for success and reward and it removes the culture in management where the boss is Fire Chief and Chief Arsonist.

Sales Management is not a place to get your emotional needs met; it's a place to help your salespeople go to the bank. We explore how it helps identify unhelpful management, recruitment, compensation practices that may be deeply ingrained into your culture. We discuss how it can refocus you towards more productive recruitment, onboarding, training, coaching, mentoring and supervisory functions. And we identify why it can help create natural turnover of non-performers (a huge hit with HR and your legal team BTW)

Hamish is a twice published author of "Accountability" and "Change". He is a highly respected Sandler franchisee in Calgary, Canada who routinely wins top sales awards for his own sales performance.

This interview delivers plenty of punch - win and learn

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