What Does Your Social Selling Score Mean?

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Oct 18, 201812m
What Does Your Social Selling Score Mean?
Oct 18 '1812m
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Did you know you have a social selling score? Linkedin provides all users with a Social Selling Index (SSI). Does it have any value? How can you use it to improve the results you are getting from your LinkedIn subscription?

In part 1 of 2 episodes, I discuss how corporates can use LinkedIn to build their brand, find and win new business, hire top talent and generally improve their performance both as individuals and companies on the world's largest business community.

How you measure your effectivenss is the Social Selling Index. You can learn more about it here:



Reps who employ social selling only hit target about 47% of the time. Reps who employ social selling effectively hit target about 75% of the time. According to CSO Insights 2018, the AVERAGE number of reps hitting target globally has dropped from a disappointing 64% in 2013 to below 50% in 2018 which, frankly, is pitiful.

Many blame the reliance on social media and not picking up the phone. Perhaps there's some truth in that, but not because social selling doesn't work, but because they have NO IDEA how to use LinkedIn effectively.

#SamRathling is a superstar when it comes to using LinkedIn as a business builder. She has gone from £0 to £30,000 a month revenues in her brand new business with 85% utilisation in only 4 months using social selling via LinkedIn.

A user of LinkedIn for a decade, she was one of the early adopters and has used it to recruit, to build pipeline, to build her personal brand and the brands of her own and several other businesses. She serves global brands (Fortune 500/FTSE 100) through to SMEs and startups through a mix of in-house reinforcement programmes, master classes, coaching and tools. 


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