How Values, Integrity & Honour Help You Win Big

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May 1, 201949m
How Values, Integrity & Honour Help You Win Big
May 149m
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#TimRoberts is one of my role models. He is a deeply valued friend and an inspiration to me and many in our network. He was recognised in March 2019 by all of the #SandlerFranchise owners when he was voted the #DavidHSandlerAward winner for his contribution to our community.

Tim and I discuss selling with honour. What is sacred to Tim? Trust, honour, integrity are his guiding principles. He explores the guiding principles that have helped him become a giant in his market and in the #SandlerNetwork.

We explore the meaning and realities of #service and #contribution. These are not tree hugger speak for rolling over and being the whipping boy for your customers or being run ragged in servitude. They take courage and vulnerability. They require you to have a "no hostage" policy & culture, no judgement, a growth mindset.

Tim's core values are based in trust & justice. He is the keeper of the Sandler brand. His approach to selling is refreshingly judgement free. What makes him stand apart from this competitors and his peers is his willingness to lose his self, subordinating his ego to the service of others. Time explains how to build trust, encourage transparency and discover the truth.

Tim's wife Katie contracted with Tim, "No plan B" when he first bought their franchise. He explains what it means to be vulnerable, accountable and authentic, raising the bar - say what you do and do what say.

Tim explains why a problem/hurt is a gift. Reframing problems as a temporary challenge means you can overcome them, but continuing to perceive it as a problem makes them a burden. 

This interview is a keeper and one you will want to listen to several times.

Please share this interview with the people who lead your business, with your clients, with your suppliers and with your partners. I welcome your comments.

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