294 Debra Martin - Believe Beyond Seeing -& Powerful Healing

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Feb 10, 201957m
294 Debra Martin - Believe Beyond Seeing -& Powerful Healing
Feb 1057m
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Debra is a Certified Research Lab Medium, a Renowned Intuitive healer, and an author of five books, including “Believe Beyond Seeing: Just Because We Can't See Them Doesn't Meant They Don't Exist,” and “Soul to Soul: True Stories of Evidential Communication from Loved Ones in Heaven.”

She has had three Near Death Experiences. Coming back the 3rd time, she was given the gift of healing and has developed a technique that no one else in the world is doing. Debra has done thousands of healings and readings worldwide.

She’s been a guest on many of the biggest radio shows like Coast to Coast AM, Hay House Radio with John Holland. Debra has been featured on television networks including 2 A&E documentaries. She also speaks at conferences.

Debra has witnessed many miracles and is passionate about sharing the messages: that Life exists beyond here, that miracles do exist, that through our greatest hardships come our greatest lessons and to NEVER lose hope.

There is a lot I haven’t mentioned about her but and you’ll find out more in her own words. You can also visit her website https://www.goldenmiracles.com/ 

Find her books Soul to Soul at https://amzn.to/2TJ6xzY  and Believe Beyond Seeing at https://amzn.to/2N0anCe

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