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Mar 27, 201842m | se2 : e34
Walk Sew Good - Discovering Positive Fashion Stories
Mar 27 '1842m | se2e34
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"By walking, we connect with the Earth" - Satish Kumar. Towards the end of 2016 two friends from Melbourne, Megan O’Malley and Gab Murphy went out for a walk. A year later, they made it home. Calling themselves Walk Sew Good they went on a epic adventure - walking 3,500 kilometres through Souh East Asia to collect and share stories from some of the people who make our clothes. They met with and interviewed more than 50 different people and organisations, made videos and wrote a blogs - and made friends. When they set out, Meg was a fashion fan, Gab not so much. How did they change, and what did they learn? And what's it really like to walk for 8-hours every day?

This show was recorded live at the Planet Talks at the WOMADelaide festival, and it's the first of a Series of 4 Episodes celebrating Fashion Revolution Week, featuring stories about #whomademyclothes and how we can fashion a more sustainable fashion future. Make sure you check the events FASHION REVOLUTION have in your area so you can get involved: Be curious, find out, do something.

How fab is our music? THANK YOU Montaigne. She is singing an acoustic version of Because I love You.

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