Stylist Megan Morton - Chasing Dreams & Finding Beauty

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Aug 15, 201756m
Stylist Megan Morton - Chasing Dreams & Finding Beauty
Aug 15 '1756m
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This is our 10th episode. Can you believe it? THANK YOU for listening! We’ve covered some big ugly issues from ocean plastic to Rana Plaza so we thought it was about time we talked about beauty.

Beauty is one of the major motivators for people who work in creative industries – they want to make beautiful things, whether it’s a garment, textile, show or picture. They want, as Megan Morton puts it in this Episode, to chase down true beauty wherever they see it. Not to push the beautiful lie but to try to capture and understand it.

Megan is a stylist, author and “house whisperer” with a life-long love for vintage and the stories behind old things. She grew up on a banana farm in Queensland, where her mum subscribed to 1970s back-to-the-land magazine, Grass Roots. Megan grew up seeing the beauty in nature, while figuring out how to make stuff.

Today her styling work is focused on houses and interiors, but she turns her eye for beauty on everything from her wardrobe, to teaching to travel to Instagram. She’s worked for magazines like Vogue Living and Elle Decoration, and is the author of four books. The latest? It’s Beautiful Here (Thames & Hudson).

In this Episode we go off on a lot of beautiful tangents about managing stress in the creative industries, the heart and soul of getting dressed, the value of vintage and the importance of the handmade. We try and pin down beauty, what it means and why we seek it, and discuss the beauty of provenance, generosity and sharing.

“Being flush and doing well affects everybody in your circle and the only way to keep that going is to be generous with your knowledge. The more you give away, the more free you are.” says Megan.

Megan is also the founder of The School, a creative hub in Sydney where you can learn things like shibori dyeing and extreme knitting from the best-of-the-best craftspeople inside the industry. Hello crafternoon-inspiration.

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