The messy drama queens of the Supreme Court

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Jun 22, 201855m
The messy drama queens of the Supreme Court
Jun 22 '1855m
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While Sarah, Matt and Ezra are away Dara is joined by Dylan Matthews and Andrew Prokop to talk about the friction between how the Supreme Court says it makes its decisions, and the way everyone assumes it really works. Is it time for the Court to stop getting polite and start getting (legal) real(ist)? References and further reading: Andrew’s explainer on the gerrymandering decision The “efficiency gap,” explained by one of its creators  Dylan on the public-sector union case Janus v. AFSCME Dara’s piece on Trump v. Hawaii, the travel ban case  Sonia Sotomayor endorsed legal realism before joining the Court  KENNEDYWATCH, 2018 Edition

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