INDIA: More Persecution, More Growth

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Apr 28, 201728m
INDIA: More Persecution, More Growth
Apr 28 '1728m
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Aaron Miller oversees VOM’s work in South Asia, and recently travelled to India to meet with Christians there. Listen as Aaron shares some of the amazing testimonies he heard on this trip. Meet a retirement-aged man committed to spend the remainder of his life planting churches and sharing the gospel. Hear the story of a bicycle rickshaw driver and his family whose lives were radically changed by the gospel message. And learn about a woman—more than 100 years old!—who met Jesus after she’d come back from being pronounced dead. You’ll also learn how India’s government is actively working to prevent the growth of the church, and directly persecuting those who share their faith in Christ. But those efforts aren’t working, and we’ll hear a report of how the church is growing in spite of government persecution as God’s Spirit moves in that nation, and learn how we can pray for our brothers and sisters there.

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