Hannelie: “God Prepared Me”

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Oct 28, 201628m
Hannelie: “God Prepared Me”
Oct 28 '1628m
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When Hannelie Groenewald and her family left their comfortable home in South Africa to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan, they knew the danger. But God’s call was clear, and they went in spite of the risk. Hannelie became not only wife and mom, but also teacher and doctor and cook in a country that isn’t known for welcoming foreigners—especially women. As time passed, God strengthened her faith, even if He didn’t answer all her questions or prayers. She didn’t know the extent of the sacrifice her family would be called to make, and in fact says she wasn’t strong enough to make such a sacrifice. But God prepared her, even in the days and weeks immediately before the murder of her husband and children, to stand strong in the face of suffering and persecution. Hannelie’s inspiring testimony will challenge you to consider what you’re willing to risk to share God’s love in an increasingly hostile world. Request a DVD or download the video telling the story of Hannelie and her family, which was produced by VOM for this year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Please share this video with your church family or other Christian friends. https://secure.persecution.com/idop/default.aspx?source=VOMRADIONT

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