ERITREA: "This Inner Peace"

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Oct 6, 201724m
ERITREA: "This Inner Peace"
Oct 6 '1724m
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“Whenever I read the Scripture, it’s full of persecution.” For Dr. Berhane, a Christian from Eritrea, persecution is not only in Scripture, it’s also a part of his personal story. He spent 11 months in prison for his faith in Christ. But even in prison he saw God’s hand at work and found opportunities to witness to others. Listen as he shares about how prison guards would come and read the names of prisoners to be executed that day, with each prisoner wondering if that day was the day their name would be on the list. Yet in the midst of suffering and executions, Dr. Berhane says he experienced an inner peace through the presence of Jesus Christ. Today, he is a voice for persecuted Christians in Eritrea, and says there is more freedom for Christians to worship inside Eritrean prisons than there is for Christians outside of prison. Be inspired as he shares his own story, and equips us to pray for Christians currently imprisoned in Eritrea, this week on VOM Radio.

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