56: The Eurovision

Episode of: Up To 90

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May 14, 20191h 0m
56: The Eurovision
May 14 '191h 0m
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‘Can you believe someone working in a bank can sing’ This week on Up To 90, we take a look back at everyone’s favourite song contest – The Eurovision. Accompanied by our musical maestro Fred Cooke expect a serious sing song as we get our best vocals on. Has Emma finally found her musical soulmate in Frederick Bernard Michael Joseph Cooke? Will Julie give them her blessing or be a bit of a dick about it? All shall be revealed... Ireland dominated the show for the majority of the 90s, winning 4 out of 5 consecutive Shows and having a serious claim to a certain Norwegian triumph. We rebelled in Riverdance and made vow sheds looked cool; we got one over on the age-old enemy and watched as the fall of Communism effectively Com-blocked ya from ever claiming a 4/5 again... We talk banking employees with talent; Johnny Logan; getting days off work; Johnny Logan; losing the plot; Johnny Logan; forgetting lyrics, political controversies and animal shelters. And Johnny Logan. We drag Fred into this mess by forcing him to pick favorites, sing on cue and generally confuse things altogether by mish-mashing and celeb bashing... If you’ve ever represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest please get in touch on Twitter and Instagram @upto90podcast

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