Unlocking the power of intuition | Bill Bennett

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Feb 10, 201957m
Unlocking the power of intuition | Bill Bennett
Feb 1057m
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If science recognised our energetic system as a functioning system, like our other organs, would you then feel more inclined to believe it exists? In this episode, Bill Bennett, a 2 times Logie award winner, writer, producer, and director shares with me the moment his intuition saved him from being totaled by a truck.

Find out what role your heart plays in your intuition, what it means when we say we feel something in our heart and learn why intuition is similar to a muscle. List to the full episode now.

3:50 You're born with intuition, but what is it?
10:28 Why do so many people not trust their own intuition?
16:26 Can you hear what your heart is trying to tell you?
48:21 Practical steps to tapping into your Intuition

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