Heightening your sexual satisfaction | Teesha Morgan

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Sep 14, 20181h 21m
Heightening your sexual satisfaction | Teesha Morgan
Sep 14 '181h 21m
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Is your health psychology setting you up for success or sabotage? What about when it comes to sex? This episode we talk to sex counsellor and human sexuality expert Dr Teesha Morgan, who is a leader in her field. She’s been a TEDX speaker and worked with brands like Johnson & Johnson and Warner brothers. This episode we talk about the psychology of sexual satisfaction, what sexual satisfaction should mean for you, and transform your perspective on sex and masturbation.

Time stamps:

3:31 What does it mean to be sexually satisfied in the age of porn?
12:26 How often should I be having sex?
16:25 For women who find it hard to orgasm
50:27 - Finding the right therapist: different types, what would suit you at different times in your life, progress in relation to time in therapy
53:09 - Sexual experiences in relation to age: normality sticks, orgasm changes with age, societal expectations with genders at a young age
57:43 - Sexual transmutation: Higher sex drives related to power, confidence, sexual energy
1:03:28 - Introducing Sexuality in a healthy way to your kids
1:07:20 - Female Ejaculation

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