S1E13 (Archive) - When Brands Houdini

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Jan 11, 201927m | se1 : e13
S1E13 (Archive) - When Brands Houdini
Jan 1127m | se1e13
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From the Digital Box Set: This episode is about how major brands in our lives simply vanish. One of magician Harry Houdini's most famous tricks was to make a 5-ton elephant disappear in front of large audiences. Marketing has its own version of that trick - when big brands vanish into thin air. Like auto brands Oldsmobile and Pontiac, now both gone. Big retail brands like Woolworth's and Eaton's, both no more. And a big brokerage house, once the second largest in the United States, E.F. Hutton, now just a historical footnote. Each was an elephant in their respective categories, all now vanished. This is an archived episode that aired originally on March 31, 2012.

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