The Motorway Service Station: Episode 144

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Aug 12, 201929m
The Motorway Service Station: Episode 144
Aug 1229m
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It was a cold, December night in 1995 and Celine Figard was keen to get to the hotel in Hampshire, to join her cousin. She had so enjoyed spending the summer there. So when the truck driver offered her a lift at Chieveley Services in Berkshire, she jumped in the cab, excited about the coming weeks. But Celine never arrived at the hotel. In this episode I explore just what happened to 19 year old Celine, and why. Sponsors A huge thank you to both sponsors of this weeks show. Please support both. Use the promotion code HEIST15 for 15% off your first order Beer 52. Use the promotion code for your 8 free bottles of craft beer Links (

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