Out Loud: Reviewing Collaboration Week NY 19

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Mar 13, 201920m | se1 : e129
Out Loud: Reviewing Collaboration Week NY 19
Mar 13 '1920m | se1e129
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Industry events and trade shows often encounter the same issues, they are expensive and inconvenient for vendors, sponsors and attendees alike. The concept behind Collaboration Week NY 19 was to rectify some of these issues by providing a smaller, local and more focused event to provide everyone involved with the benefits whilst avoiding some of the usual draw backs. The event provided the opportunity for attendees to visit manufacturer, service provider and end-user venues in the New York City area alongside their UC and Collaboration colleagues and peers. Including site tours, presentations, panel discussions and thought leadership content the event concluded at the end of February and in this episode we review some of the main takeaways. 

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