Episode 9 - How We Stay Fit At Home With A Busy Schedule

Episode of: Two Fit Travelers Podcast

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Jul 6, 201952m
Episode 9 - How We Stay Fit At Home With A Busy Schedule
Jul 652m
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- Our general nutrition habits
- How we deviate (cheating, healthy cheating)
- Look for tips below!

- Exercise
   - Regular 
   - Type (in line with our goals, 4-8 week periods)
   - Variable intensity (typically based around sleep — segeway)
- Activity (May be more important than exercise)
   - Exercise to us is essential (from 30, your body goes backwards; have to train against the grain)
   - We only exercise for 6 hours out of 168 hours in a week
   - What we do outside of that, in many ways, is the most important
     - Outdoor activities (kayaking, tennis, spartan races)
     - Social events: TopGolf, rock climbing, national parks(Brazos bend), day trips; we’re out going, workouts
     - Walking Leo, going on walks together
     - Work: Maryssa’s job (always on feet); Mike’s is variable (we discuss ways to combat sedentary periods during episode)

Sleep hygiene
- No work in bed
- Routine
- Blue lights, fan/background noise

- In general, feeding ourselves positive, surrounding ourselves with uplifting and upwardly mobile people

Tricks and Tips
- 80% rule (nutrition)
- Never stay sitting (Mike is always standing up periodically, walking around)
- Stretching/mobility work
- Tie goals to other goals

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